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Our Services

Let us help you create and publish your story


Self-publishing can be a daunting task – we’ve been there and done all the trial and error! That’s why Super 3 Books can help you turn your stories into beautifully printed books. From illustrations to layout design and copy editing, we would love to help you bring your ideas to life.

Illustration & Design

Yumna researches, conceptualises and creates illustrations based on your story. She then designs the layout; sourcing the perfect fonts and choosing the perfect colour palette to creates a unique visual landscape that captures your story.


DTP stands for Desktop Publishing. Once the book design has been completed, the artwork needs to go through a series of stringent checks in order to get it ready for print. This ranges from ensuring that all artwork is high resolution to correct pagination and crop marks.


There’s nothing more rewarding than holding a printed copy of your very own book in your hands! We can arrange the print production – and help you decide on the finishes; from paper stock to binding. If you would like us to oversee print production for future runs, we can do so as well.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Once your story is written, our copy editor will ensure that your sentences are perfectly strung together.

They will do spelling and grammatical checks, but also provide you with copywriting suggestions.

Lastly, they will proofread your book to ensure that everything is print-ready.

ISBN Production

ISBN is a unique identification number for your book. It allows you to track sales through bookshops, libraries, universities, wholesalers, and distributors. If you plan to profit from your book (sold in stores or online) then you will need an ISBN. We will provide you with all necessary info if this is a requirement.

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